EBM – What Fan is that?

What is My Fan?
Every EBM-Papst fan has a unique identifying code either printed directly on to the motor or to a label on the terminal enclosure. This code is explained in the tables and identifies all the main specifications of the fan, allowing you to find the correct data sheet or a suitable replacement. If you do not have the code, look at the images  for helpful hints on fan types that will allow you to select a fan code.

There is a wide range of EBM Fans and other products including Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Compact Fans, Hot Air and Gas Blowers, Pumps and Motors. EBM-Papst products can be used in refrigeration, Air conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Appliances, Telecommunications and data centers, Automotive and transport, mechanical and industrial, drive technology and many other applications. If you need a new fan or a replacement products please look at the What Fan is that? sheet or Contact Argon for technical help.

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